Former Host Wynnie


Every week, we post Wynnie’s particularly unusual wisdom pieces, for your enjoyment. You can hear them on the Jupiter Rising Show at the end of each broadcast!

THIS WEEK – 4/17/16:
Definition of Forgive: the action of no longer feeling angry or resentful
toward someone for an offense, flaw, or mistake.
Mother Mary is a strong person who not only shows us love but she also shows forgiveness. For any parent to endure such pain, and forgiving those that caused it. She was able to let go of fear, and anger. We also need to forgive those that caused us pain in one way or another. By forgiving we not only release the anger but all other issues that we hold deep into our souls. We should also forgive our self, for holding it in for so long and not letting it go. Ask your self this, “What is worse, condemning our souls for someone else wrong doing, or just saying the words “I forgive you””.Don’t let your ego fool you into believing it’s pride. Start forgiving and start letting go of the hate and anger. Mother Mary did. You can as well. Ask Mother Mary for guidance and strength. Her love will help in the process of forgiving. She has already forgiven you.
Peace & Love to our listeners and Thank you

THIS WEEK – 4/24/16
Truth-​Simple definition; the real facts about something.

Being truthful to others and to ourselves is so important. Believing in denial and betrayal can be damaging to the soul. “Let the truth set you free”. Coming clean with the truth can ease the pain and start the healing. At first you may have some regrets. But if the circumstances around the situation doesn’t work out the way you wish, then yes, move on. You can’t condemn yourself for telling the truth to someone. Telling the truth, for some people maybe harder then you realize. The ugly truth is they don’t realize it’s a lie or they don’t want to believe that it is.

So, start small and work up. The more truthful in you are each day, the easier it will become.

St. Hildegard had a hard time telling people what she saw at an early age. Over time she was able to not be fearful. She was able to write down and tell others of her visions.

Call on St Hildegard for her guidance of truth and wisdom.

Peace & Love to our listeners and Thank you. Wynnie

THIS WEEK – 5/1 – Mother’s Day

As a parent, we all want and wish for the best in our children We expect them to thrive and be ready to take on the world as they grow older. We also hope they have a better life than we did. We learn from our parents what to do and what not to do, as we raise our children and we make mistakes, but always shown them that they’re loved. Looking back I know we all wish sometimes things were different. Now its time to let things go of any guilt we may feel, or sadness. We need to release and say I am sorry, and move on. You know when you have done a good job releasing and passing the knowledge when seeing your grown child take price in raising their children.

Peace and love, Happy Mother’s Day to our listeners. Thank you,Wynnie

The giving of yourself means making the time, or volunteering with charity work. The little time you can spare with someone the more memories you will have. In this world we call home. Time seems to get smaller every day. Take more time out for those that need you, as well as time for yourself. Small moments equal smiling faces.

Peace and Love to our listened, and thank you! Wynnie

THIS WEEK – 5/22/17
Learn important life’ messages and lessons. Don’t look at this >like its a bad thing, see it as something you can learn from. Life’s experiences and knowledge are meant to share and teach.

Pease and love to our listeners. Thank you, Wynnie
THIS WEEK – 5/29/16
Being true to yourself is opening your heart and accepting who you really are, not how others want you to be.

Being strong and true within is loving yourself first. Being true within yourself will allow many more blessings into your life.

Peace and Love to our listeners and thank you! Wynnie

THIS WEEK – 6/5/16
Choosing your path of inner peace will help your mind and body find the answers you seek. Listen to your heat for the truth. There is always other alternative ways to handle any conflict. You can manifest your desires with meditations or yoga.

Peace and love to our listeners and thank you! Wynnie

THIS WEEK – 6/12/16
Beauty is present in our lives and in so many places. They’re presented by large buildings, a bridge, a tree holding a small bird as it sings. Beauty is in each other. We take this for granted.ake the time and smell the beauty around you. nMother Earth wants us to take the time and smell the beauty around you.

Peace and love to our listeners, and thank you. Wynnie

THIS WEEK – 6/19/16:
Look more into yourself. Be open minded. You need to look beyond the surface of this situation. There is a message there that you are not aware of. Some of us need to just stay still and start listening to the inner truth. We all have it. Now just listen.

Peace and love to our listeners, and thank you! Wynnie

THIS WEEK – 6/26/16:
Seeking advice from a messenger should leave hope within your soul. When ego gets in the way, the message can become tainted. A messenger shouldn’t tell someone one how to live their life, but to teach how to living IN their live.

“A great teacher is someone who shows you where to look, but doesn’t tell you what to SEE” – Alexandra K. Trenfor

THIS WEEK – 7/10/16:
Sending love. Mother Mary is sending you love and comfort to help with the emotional upsets we are facing here on Earth and in our personal lives. She is also helping to heal long-standing patterns of issues between one another and improve your relationships, from personal to work, or as a parent.

Call on Mother Mary to assist you in your life.

Donate to an animal shelter near you and help those who can’t speak up.

Peace and love to our listeners and thank you. Wynnie

THIS WEEK – 7/22/16:
Follow through on your dreams, goals and intentions. Stay committed and attentive to those you have made promises to. You are in charge of your own time and planning. So make the decision to honor your time that you promised to your loved ones. Always trust within your own wisdom, that the choices you are making are the best ones.

Peace and love to our listeners and thank you! Winnie

THIS WEEK – 7/30/16:
Blessings comes from all around. Sometimes its harder to see a true blessing when sadness seems to be everywhere. Give your worries and fears to the heavens, let the angels carry your problems and hand them over to God. Your prayers are being answered, you just have to look in front to see the gifts given to you. Kindness from neighbors, friends, strangers are prayers being answered. Dear ones, you are all loved in the way of the Divine.

Peace and love to our listeners and thank you! Winnie

THIS WEEK -7/31:
A master teacher is someone who works in the divine way and light. Their intentions are to set forth good will and to teach man the divine spiritual way to walk. A master teacher doesn’t force himself/herself onto others. Being in the presence of divine light is being in the presence of God.

Peace and love to all our listeners and thank you. Winnie

THIS WEEK – 8/14/16:

Praying it is not only good for the soul, but it also cleanses the heart. Praying is not limited to a building or sacred ground. Praying should flow freely from your self to the highest. You won’t be judge or treated less by the words you say. Take time for yourself and pray. You will feel better after.

Peace and love to our listeners and thank you, Wynnie

THIS WEEK – 8/21/16:

Self sabotage comes from deep within your soul, you may not be aware of this intentionally that you are doing this harm to your self. Hold firm to the ground and ask: Mother Earth with the help of restraints, either in your life or in someone else’s. Release the worry and stress that weakens your body. There is no limitations to what you can do. Set your own limits to help you move forward in a positive way. Give limits to those who are harmful to you mentally or physically.

Release all that holds you from moving forward.

Peace and love to our listeners and thank you. Wynnie

THIS WEEK – 8/28/16:
Everyone is going through a transformation. What you may have learned, or what is being repeated to learn.

Expanding your transformation into your soul brings growth and harmony. The satisfaction you bring withIn yourself by releasing will allow yourself to relax and move forward.

Experiencing headaches, muscle aches, or fatigue? It’s your body reminding you not to fight with the changes, but to address them and let it go.

Peace and love to our listeners and thank you. Wynnie

THIS WEEK – 9/4/16:
Courage is such a strong word. Courage is the inner strength we are all need to shed our old skin and embrace the new one.

If you are having problems focusing or your vision is more blurry than normal, Ask yourself, Or What is it that you’re not seeing. Or say, I do see it I realized that it is there. Then wait until your eyes start to clear. We are all blind to what it is, or isn’t in front of us. Pay attention and be more in tune to your surroundings, there is a message that you’re not seeing.

Peace and love to our listeners and thank you. Wynnie

THIS WEEK – 9/18/16:

Manifesting a small lie cannot only take over your words, but it can take over your spiritual growth. Lies are dark sores that cover your tongue and body. Elaine from vest takes time. The damage with in and those affected by it can cause long-lasting problems. Be humble, be honest. Speak only the truth. Start healing yourself and others.

Peace and love to our listeners and thank you. Winnie

THIS WEEK – 9/25/16:

Mirror image of what the world should look like you. What we project out is what comes back sometimes not so good, sometimes very beautiful. This can be bye actions or by words.

Visualize what we should do to help others and this planet. Project it out with mirrors so they bounce off of each other as it covers mother Earth. The more love then more beauty will grow.

Peace and love to our listeners and thank you. Wynnie

THIS WEEK – 10/2/16:

Being fearful of the unknown can be stressful to all. We want you to know that the fear you hold is hard for us to come forth. Put the fear aside so we can assist you in your life. We are all here to help you. We are light beings, we come from the source of the universe, God himself. We know our purpose is now, let us help everyone with theirs. Let us hold your hand as we walk this earth together and bring forth truth and love. Archangel Michael

Peace and love to our listeners and thank you. Wynnie

THIS WEEK – 10/9/16:

This is a good time to take a class or to increase your creativity. Let go of any fears or restrictive thinking. Help those around you by being a mentor or assisting in charity work. It’s never too late to increase your abilities to the fullest.

Peace and love to our listeners and thank you. Wynnie

THIS WEEK – 10/16/16:

Life lessons can be tiring of repeating but once you learn them, understand and accept them, then new experiences will come into your life. Be willing and open to accept the good things in life you have wanted for a long time. You can make this happen. Listen to your inner self and get off your duff and move forward.

Peace and love to our listeners. Wynnie

THIS WEEK – 10/23/16:
the planets are changing and so are we. We have gone through another renewal change. A rebirthing out of water. Our physical and spiritual change is magical. The knowledge we now have and be used go for word instead of being indecisive. This is a good time to rest when needed, but to also enjoy the peace of new surroundings period

Peace and love to our listeners and thank you. Wynnie

THIS WEEK – 10/30/16:

Getting involved with a group can help the anxiety. Being around people who laugh and have fun can also boost your confidence and help with the minor depression. Look around in your neighborhood. Join the YMCA or volunteer group to help others; either way getting out there will keep you busy and productive.

Peace and love to our listeners. Thank you Wynnie

THIS WEEK – 11/6/16:

What direction are we going in?
What direction are we moving to? Ask yourself what direction do you want. Set your intentions and go with the flow. Saying words like “I am so tired” will only make you more tired. Say words like “tiredness is my body’s way to save keep moving” then you will be able to move. Set your words and mind to the right intentions four yourself and For others.

Peace and love to our listeners and thank you. Wynnie

THIS WEEK – 11/13/16:

Everyone loves to call our country ‘America.’To be able to see eye to eye with our fellow countrymen is a pleasure. Being born in this great land or traveling a far distance to live and share in equal opportunity is what makes America so rich with diversity. Don’t allow the political views to consume you. We will overcome these conditions, and strive to move forward. Know that the universe is watching closely.

Peace and love to our listeners and thank you. Wynnie

THIS WEEK – 11/19/16:

Think outside the box. Tradition is how you make the memories. No rules on how it has to be. Make new and fun memories with the family or with friends. Homemade decorations are always a good start for laughter and special moments. Give thanks to you and embrace all the Love you receive.

Peace and love to our listeners. Wynnie

THIS WEEK – 12/17/16:

Wanting something may drive it away.

Have you noticed the things you don’t look for appear, and then when you are looking for something it doesn’t, or you can’t find it.

When it is the right time, The object will present itself one way or another. It may even take someone humble with no attachments to it to be the one to find it. Period

Things do happen for one reason or another funny thing is that there is always a story behind each one.

Peace and love to our listeners and thank you. Wynnie

THIS WEEK – 12/31/16:

Get off your rump and take action. You have a dream, make it happen. You have a desire to get rid of clutter? Then do it. Be persistent and stay true to yourself and others around you. Make yourself set your priorities and stick to them. You still have some time. But remember the window does Close slightly the longer you wait. Don’t look back at what you have done. Look forward at what you can get done.

Peace and love to our listeners and thank you. Wynnie

THIS WEEK – 1/15/17:

Need a good laugh? Share a lemon with someone, find humor in all that seems different or weird. Find humor in your self and in the little mistakes that are made. Laugh off frustration and anger. Share the laughter with someone close or with a stranger. It’s very contagious period

Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies -Mother Teresa

Peace and love to our listeners and thank you. Wynnie

THIS WEEK – 1/21/17:

Moving forward. Pause, take a deep breath and lined up your thoughts. Consider your feelings in times like this. What thoughts are you organizing and bringing forth? Don’t get others emotions confused with what you want to happen. Always be honest and sincere with yourself and others. Be creative inside your soul and share with everyone around you period

Peace and love to our listeners and thank you. Wynnie

THIS WEEK – 1/29/17:

Once again time to start spring cleaning. It’s never too early to clean up and dust out the dark spaces in the home, Office or man cave. Light a candle near a window with the windows slightly open. This brings in the fresh air and lets the light remove negativity. Bring balance back into your space and into your soul. Start. Invite friends, play music. Help each to remove clutter that is holding them back. Always be grateful for all that surrounds you.

Peace and love toward listeners and thank you. Wynnie

THIS WEEK – 2/19/17:
Dean beautiful is also being strong and loving yourself first.

We all have it within us to be graceful, strong and strives for your own wisdom of knowledge, or your own piece of the pie many call an adventurous life. Beauty is what we see in this world. Being beautiful is what others can see in us period

Peace and love toward listeners and thank you. Wynnie

THIS WEEK – 2/26/17:
Struggling with mishaps or feeling like you just can’t take it any longer? The struggle is what we make it. So, if something doesn’t work, go back to the old ways and make a new plan. Just know this could be a test of how each of us feels like when we are losing our grips on Life. Play the cards right, just let it roll. You can’t stop it but you can change how you feel. Many blessings to you all.

Peace and love to our listeners. Wynnie

THIS WEEK – 3/5/17:
Seeing past what you normally see is a vision of trut yes there are elements to the earth that are coming forward. Being a visionary is someone who can see more than a current situation. We ask you what visions do you have? Write them down for one day, You may want to share them.

Peace and love to our listeners. Wynnie

THIS WEEK – 3/12/17:
Have you noticed how contagious smile is? Smiling comes from deep inside the soul and it’s the true soul.

Now, Yes, there are creepy smiles also, but as you View them you are feeling your soul to stay away (that inner voice in other words).

Smile, Let it become contagious and noticed just how fast it will light up a room. It’s better than gossip. Remember, the universe is smiling back.

Peace and love to our listeners. Wynnie

THIS WEEK – 3/19/17:
Some people we meet seems great on the outside, Until they open their mouth. Baystar bringing up the past constantly or always talking about their craziest sexual experiences. It can cause others to not dared to go near that person, Or even ask them out. Don’t let your life become an open book. Stop sharing too much, No one wants to hear it. When you ask about your past information, Be modest, and only mention it in private. Always be true to yourself. Respect others.

Peace and love to our listeners. Wynnie

THIS WEEK – 3/26/17:
Light workers are shown what is important at that very moment.
Don’t get mad at the messenger. Light workers receive the messages from love most of their readings for about improvement in your life, what to be careful of, who walks with you on this earth. Curses and spells to attract love comes from ego and other sources period

Be careful what you ask for. Use your words with positive intent. We love you all and you’re never alone.

Peace and love to our listeners thank you, Wynnie

THIS WEEK – 4/2/17:
Communicate with others means listening, and speaking your words. Don’t nag or be persistent in wanting to argue. Use your words in a way that conveys the message to be understanding and respectful. Always allow others to also speak.

We feel that many people want a fight or start accusations. Let’s make it clear, the energy needs to change. Please be respectful and use words period

Peace and love to our listeners and thank you. Wynnie.

THIS WEEK – 4/9/17:
Many of you feel your self in survival mode. Doing everything you can to stay afloat. Your body is telling you that you’re lacking vital nutrients. Drinking water with electrolytes can help you overcome the anxious feelings period

Stop neglecting what your body is telling. There are reasons for every pain, aches and feeling tired.

Eat more fruit and work on living a happier life.

Peace and love to our listeners. Wynnie

THIS WEEK – 4/23/17:
What special talents or gifts are you not sharing with the world? Why are you not using education that was taught to you to further your knowledge?

We have given you ideas and experiences, but you’re still not using them. What are you afraid of? Don’t let your fear control of your destination any longer. Use the talents and education that was presented to you. Be happy in life.

Peace and love to our listeners and thank you. Wynnie

THIS WEEK – 4/30/17:
We are watching very closely to the matter that is being formed on earth. We know your concerns. We also know that humans can sometimes be lazy are you not doing more on their part. Preparation is always important. You store for winter, or for holidays and gifts. Now we are being asked to store for your safety. It wouldn’t need a lot. Just enough to get by until the next plan of action. Always be prepared for the unexpected. Always have a second plan on overcoming your fears or distress. We love you.

Peace and love to our listeners and thank you. Wynnie

THIS WEEK – 5/21/17:
Want to get closer to your higher self? Then be truthful. Even the simplest or smallest of lies can set you back. Flies can damage your family. It can also destroy a nation. Narcissistic behavior are lies on top of dark actions. Remove yourself from those who take it upon themselves to hurt others. Be truthful.”I am Quan Yin, Lets stop the suffering.”

Peace and love to our listeners and thank you Wynnie.

THIS WEEK – 5/28/17:
Laugh off the negative energies we are experiencing more than normal it. Don’t be scared. Laugh it off. Pay attention to what is around you. Pick up your feet so that you don’t fall. Look around you before you Jump in. Always know your surroundings. Always ask for protection. Smiled today, and know that we are smiling back.

Peace and love to our listeners. Wynnie

THIS WEEK – 6/7/17:

What makes a home? Being simple withe what the outside, a home helps with improving what is on the inside.

Home is cooking with love. Snuggling on cold night. Love for everyone in the home and respect for space. A home doesn’t need a lot. It’s what’s inside the home that needs the attention. Spend time with those you love. Tell stories or bake something special to share. Always show your gratitude.

Peace and love to our listeners. Wynnie

THIS WEEK – 6/7/17:
Who are you? What defines you? What judgment does someone have over you? Break free! Become empowered within your own being. You have this say if you allow words and reactions to hurt you. Stand your ground and become one with your soul and one with God. No judgment. God loves you

Peace and love to our listeners and thank you.Wynnie

THIS WEEK – 7/9/17:
Your attitude is what makes things happen. What you hold on in and what you really makes all the difference in the abundance you want to bring in. You need to stop blaming someone else for what you’re doing to your own body. Trust in your guides to help and to let go.

Pizza love to our listeners and thank you. Wynnie

THIS WEEK – 7/16/17:
Lies are a disease. It similar to bipolar narcissistic behaviors. Until the person having this problem gets the help they need, until then we will truly feel. Remember their life’s journey isn’t yours. You may be included at times. This is the jury they will need to figure out. Until they do send them blessings of love. Be strong always stay true.

Peace and love to our listeners and thank you. Wynnie

THIS WEEK – 7/30/17:
Call on the four directions to help you move forward but keep memories of those you love deep within your soul
Call on the east winds for new beginning.
Knowledge the south for abundance in all things.
Seek and listen to the west for wisdom.
Asked the north for strength and endurance.

Peace and love to our listeners and thank you. Wynnie